About the Product

Uball is portable basketball equipment that can be packed up, carried on your back, and secured into the ground like a beach umbrella. The height is adjustable from 8.5ft-5.5ft 
Durability: Uball is a high-quality product created to keep up with you. 
RIM: Each Uball hoop has a custom-designed rim to withstand the force of slam dunks through its steel-faceted curve. We have developed a rim that can handle powerful dunks from athletes in the NFL, NBA, and elite college basketball programs, as well as the hundreds of students from 12-23 years old that have tested the strength of the rim over the past six months. 
BACKBOARD: The Uball backboard is structured with a steel frame so that it will maintain its integrity and rigidity in travel and play.
 POLE:  Uball's pole is made of steel in order to handle the strength and stress of any type of shot.
GROUND SCREW:  Uball's ground screws screw into the ground 12-15 inches deep, and is what makes the system stable. 
Portability: Your Uball set is converted into a backpack so that everything can be carried on your back on any adventure.
1. The ground screw, the rim, and the balls are easily attached to the backboard.
2. The backboard can be converted into a backpack with adjustable straps. 
3. The pole and its pad come with a strap that you can sling over your shoulder for easy transport. 
Assembly: Whether on a beach or a field, you will be ready to ball anywhere with our easy five-step set-up process that converts your Uball set from a backpack to your own hoop.

Install Uball in 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Similar to a beach umbrella, secure ground screw into ground by turning it

Step 1 for uball installation

Step 2: Attach rim to pole and backboard with two knobs 

Uball step 2

Step 3: Join poles together with two pins at your desired height

step 3 Uball

Step 4: Lift backboard, rim, and pole and place it on the ground screw

Step 4 Uball

Step 5: Tighten three knobs on ground screw to pole 

Final step in Uballs easy setup process

Uball is more than a new product: it is a new sport. 


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