Section 1: Dimensions of Court
A. The size of the court/playing field is 40 feet (measured from pole to pole) for full-court regulation games
  a. A half court is played 20 feet long from pole to a take-back line
  b. There is no out of bounds

Section 2: Equipment
A. Games shall be played with an official Uball-approved basketball having a diameter of 25.5 inches.
B. The ball shall be inflated between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per square inch.
C. The backboard shall be 33 inches in length and 23.5 inches in height with a flat, transparent surface.

D. The backboard shall be marked with a shooting box in the center of the backboard. The box shall be in the form of a rectangle measuring 14 inches on the horizontal sides and 11.5 inches on the vertical sides. The bottom horizontal line shall be positioned immediately above the rim plate with the rim centered along the bottom horizontal line.

E. The home team is required to have a fully configured backup Uball set in the event the game equipment is damaged.
F. The rim of the basket shall be a detachable Uball-approved rim that is 15 inches in diameter (measured from the inside). A net that is 18 inches in length shall hang from the rim. The net shall be made of white cord ranging between 30 thread and 110 thread.
G. The rim of the basket shall be set at 8.5 feet above the ground (measured from the ground to the top of the rim). The rim shall protrude from the backboard exactly 5.5 inches (measured from the flat portion of the backboard surface to the outer part of the rim). The rim shall be painted red.
H. Shoes are not required but would be recommended on fields
I. Matching uniforms are required
  a. Each player must have a number on his/her uniform. No two players can
wear the same number.
  b. Pants/shorts do not have to match the uniform or match those of other

J. Other clothing or accessories such as headbands, medical braces, or arm/leg sleeves are permitted
K. Any clothing or accessories that could be threatening, possibly dangerous, or otherwise provide an illegal advantage (i.e. weapons, jewelry, or wristwear) are not permitted

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