Section 1: Fouls in General

A. To aid the flow of the game, only blatant shooting fouls and technical/flagrant fouls shall be called.
B. When a foul is called, the team fouled shall restart with the ball at half court for a check-up.
C. When a player has a clear path to the basket, and the defender fouls simply to stop the offensive player from scoring, a point is counted.
D. Excessive swinging of elbows is not allowed, even if no contact is made with a defender.
  a. Excessive swinging of elbows will result in a technical foul and a turnover.
E. Each player is entitled to their own space, therefore defenders cannot excessively invade the offensive player’s personal space. Similarly, the offensive player cannot cannot excessively invade the defense’s space.
F. A double foul shall result in offsetting fouls and no loss of possession by the offensive team.
G. A flagrant foul shall result in a loss of possession and ejection from the game for the violating player. The team that loses its player shall have the option to forfeit the game or to continue playing with one less player.

Section 2: Technical Fouls

A. The penalty for a technical foul is a loss of possession.
B. Actions that can give rise to a technical foul:
  a. Excessive timeouts
  b. Delay of game caused by:
1- interfering with the ball after a successful field goal
2- preventing the ball from promptly being put into play
3- any bench player or coach intentionally interfering with game play
  c. Hanging on the rim, the net or backboard
EXCEPTION: If the player must hold the rim, net or backboard to prevent
  d. Disrespecting an official
  e. Physically contacting an official
  f. Taunting

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