Section 1: Tip-offs

A. Games shall be started with a tip-off in the center of the court/field.
B. Players participating in the tipoff may not touch the ball before it reaches the apex of its toss.
C. Players may tip/hit the ball in any direction.
D. Players may line up anywhere they wish for the tipoff, except for directly behind the opposing team’s player who is tipping.
E. Treatment of jump balls:
  1- The ball must be tapped by one of the jumpers after it reaches its highest
point. Neither player may tap the ball before it reaches its apex. If the ball falls to the ground untapped, the game official will execute another jump ball.
   2- Neither player involved in the jump ball can take possession of the ball until
another player has touched it.

Section 2: Inbounding

A. After a successful field goal, players shall bring the ball back in play by a inbounds play/throw in.
  a. A legal throw in requires the player to have both feet behind the baseline or the imaginary line that is connected to the pole of the hoop and runs parallel to the backboard as depicted.
B. Players are allowed to take two steps but the steps must be parallel to the baseline.
C. Those defending the throw in may not cross the baseline, whether it be stepping across or even reaching across.
D. In the event that the ball enters the rim from the bottom on an inbounds play, the ball is given to the defense for a check-in at half court.
E. Players shall have five seconds from the time from when they first establish two feet behind the baseline to when they release the ball.
 a. If they do not inbound in the ball in the five seconds, a five-second violation shall be called and possession will be awarded to the defense via a check in.

Section 3: Live Ball

A. The ball is alive after a tip-off, a check-in, or retrieval by a player on the opposing team of a made shot on their basket. After a made basket is retrieved by the opposing team’s player, the player will be given sufficient space by the other team to make a first pass to a teammate in accordance with Section 1 above.
B. After any dead ball, play shall resume with a jump ball or a check-in.
C. On any rules infraction, possession will be granted to the opposing team via a check-in.
1- Clear path foul: Point awarded
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