Section 1: Team/Players

A. There are 3 players on each team. A team is also permitted one substitute, but at no time may there be any more than 3 players on the court during game play.
B. Each team shall provide the scorer with a starting lineup at least 10 minutes before tip-off.
C. A substitute must report to the scorer’s area and request entrance to the game. He/she may only enter the game upon a game stoppage and the permission of the game official to enter the court. The game official shall have sole discretion to permit a substitute to enter the game.
D. A substitute will be treated as a participant in the game once the game official gives him/her permission to enter the court. A substitute must remain in the game for a minimum of one live ball play--running from the game official’s commencement of game play until the stoppage of play for any reason.
E. No substitutes will be permitted to enter the game after a made basket by either team unless a time out is granted by the game official or in the event of personal foul.

Section 2: Coaches

A. Teams may elect to have a coach, but having a coach is not mandatory. The coach can be either a player or an individual who is not a member of the team. If the coach is not a member of the team, he/she must be designated in advance of the start of a game and must continue to function in that role for the duration of the game. No more than one coach is permitted.
B. The coach must remain within 10 feet of the players’ area, but is not permitted under any circumstances to physically interfere with game play. If a coach intentionally interferes physically with game play, the team will be assessed a technical foul.
C. A player-coach has no special privileges. While playing, he/she will be treated as a player and, while not playing, will be treated as a coach.
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