Uball's Humble Beginnings

In a family of four kids, we all loved playing basketball. Yet, we always had to find the nearest blacktop or gym. Sitting on the beach, we saw every other sport. It didn't make sense to us why we weren't seeing basketball. And so, Uball was created to make basketball accessible for everyone, everywhere. 
Tim Shields, CEO, and Molly Shields, Vice President, are co-founders of Uball. Tim left the University of Virginia to pursue Uball full-time, while Molly is entering her senior year at UVA. Their love of sports and their entrepreneurial spirit helped them see an opportunity to create something completely new - revolutionizing the way people play basketball. Uball is a backpackable hoop set that can be carried on your back, set up like a beach umbrella, and played on any beach or field. Along with its portability, Uball is played at a reduced height, ranging from 8.5 feet down to 5.5 feet. Now, everyone can dunk. 
After creating six different iterations, we finalized our beta-prototype to create the exact version of our product to go to manufacturing. 

Uball is powerful: it brings people together.

Whenever we set up Uball, it becomes a spectacle. Everyone stops to take videos, pictures, and even asks to play. Uball is both completely new and familiar, all at the same time: hoops on the beach or a field is something few people have seen before. But it is instantly recognizable because people see basketball.  

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